Fingerprints & Handwriting

by Edgarville

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released January 8, 2016

Written and Recorded by Edgarville.

Tracked and Mixed by Tom Peters @ The Grand Studio.

Additional tracking by Joe Clayton @ No Studio.

Mastered by Christian Wright @ Abbey Road Studios.

Produced by Edgarville.

Art Work by Muta Photography.



all rights reserved


Edgarville Blackburn, UK

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Track Name: Extensions
Brothers, you're the wall that I scream at and have every sound wave bounce right back.
Despite all forms of communication there's a thousand inventions but they're a failure in accumulation, because my message won't get through.

See, three years I've been stuck here in this same old spot; isolated by an ocean that I just can't get across and these animals they pass by these stories that I tell and they'd win you round if they could but it's just another language you just don't speak... just another existence you just can't reach.

Is this the way it'll always be, if you're living for you then that's how you see me - I'm just an extension of your ego and your self-based fantasies.
But of course this applies to me.
Track Name: Whatever That Feels Like
I'm fighting cynicism with a mysterious force called happiness, 'well that's a lie you're a liar' - I know that's the truth.
But if I just say something optimistic then they'll browse over me and I can hide away or just remain paralysed by self-hatred and self-doubt... second guessing myself.

But I don't feel like myself, whatever that feels like.

If everyone hates a cynic then hide your emotions, intentions and problems; you're only bothering folks more important than you but the problem with that attitude is it lacks perspective and gratitude for your fortunes and blessings and only holds others back from progressing, if they're forever regressing.

And I don't feel like myself, whatever that feels like.

If you don't have the time to help a sister or a brother then don't complain if they let you down, cause they just can't help if they're 'so wrapped up in their mental health'
And all of a sudden, they're 'selfish' - why can't they be more like you? Like you!

We're all different we each have a struggle, we all need help cause we're all in trouble.
Track Name: Corn
Thank you for those hearts of gold, I still feel you moving through my soul, losing you was always hard - young or old where did you go?
I can't believe that your bodies were the only extension of you.

You're too beautiful, the most honest ones I've ever known.

Thank you for teaching me to love someone more than myself, knowing you it was incredible and you're ephemeral and I'm here to stay.
While a part of me feels empty.
Track Name: Cous Cous
Reaching deeper than I know to be comfortable grounds, all to become happy with who I actually am.
And if you're ugly, I'm ugly, if you're suffering I am suffering and if you're lonely, you're in company.
We each live illusions to this point where I give respect to everyone who is done, over the gaze and finished with the non-sense the noise the bravado, the poise, the promise of fulfilment in false sense of joy.

My wisdom is only basic, I ask you to trust yourself and you can never stop learning if you refuse to quit.
Pull down the veils, the smoke screen before your eyes, your life is a story, make sure you get this right.
Make sure you resolve and don't you forget that you've got each and every one of us by your side.
Track Name: Oscar
Shaking? Always! Moving? Somewhere! I've been dusting off cobwebs, feeling out just where to go and when.
Trust your true heart, or else you're always a trick of your mind, a piece of fiction and poster child of the blind.

Something? Something! Engaged? In nothing! I've been wasting energy, thinking about times that have already been, already seen and I can't change the past but if I could I'd been born tall and smart and I'd have great taste in nice cars - take models to wine bars and feign fulfilment like the rest... I think I'm happy in the knowledge unhappiness is the... test.
Track Name: Smile Emoticon
So you wana judge me? Well I guess that that's okay, none of us are born complete. It takes a mouth to talk, an ear to listen but if you're talking too much just shut the fuck up... and that's a given.

I know that we're reading from the same page, when all is done going to the same place. So why make this space more complicated? We make this friction for ourselves.
Track Name: The Flow
Stop! You're over thinking just like we all do but it's gonna drive you mad.
So think, think about the outcome and think about an outlet to place all that misspent energy before it demotes you and makes you weary.

I know I'm young but I feel as though I've lived a thousand lives before, some days I can't justify just being alive and all I want is to go 'home'.
Escape the pain escape that suffering, these things that I can't change but still decide to see this through until the end.

Stop! I know we can't control our thinking but when you think about this then who is listening? So cut the feed back loop that's controlling you, you don't have to be those thoughts. Just let them come and let them go, don't attach yourself onto the flow, it can only mean as much as the energy that you use to follow. It can only mean as much as the energy.

But we're not all strong! We're not all who we pretend to be! Our faces are outside, well away from our protected mind, protected thoughts that we think are exclusive to use, but they're not. No they're not.
Track Name: Nice Dad
We define our moments with these human words and we separate the world into each and every piece that works.
If you've seen how you've changed well that's the echo of the fingerprints and handwriting.

We're a sum in the equation, them plus you makes something new, these effects are so strong and part of me thinks that it's beautiful.
You've been betrayed and made to feel as low as you could know but in the end it's the spectrums that gave you this faith when all else seemed to fail.

Don't let your mind be the evasion, don't believe that you're so self-made, these effects are so strong until another change on your outlook and faith.
You've been betrayed and then lived to see these darker sides that let us know that we're alive.
Track Name: Like A Wave
I'm trying to be like a wave, the interface between my internal and outside reality but I keep trying I'll keep keep trying but I'll keep trying I'll keep keep trying but we'll always live the day after the best day of our lives and a choice is a choice, we'll have to divide into a version of a version of a version - it'll never end.
So kick and scream, pursue your dreams but try to keep everyone happy including yourself.

But don't report that you're not exhausted.

So I guess my point is about something inside that we have to learn about have to turn around.
Observe yourself, you're the editor, protagonist director, you're everything all at the same time.

So act with wisdom act with grace, with perspective, with virtue.

Get mad make mistakes and fall upon your face and be wrong - let others down, just in the end forgive them as you would yourself.
Track Name: Crabs In A Bucket
There is conflict amongst us all, internally this started off so small...
But we disagree, judge to degrees that just makes me so scared to know anyone at all.

For everything we don't understand, we apply our judgements so please see the limits of your perceptions.
Together we can only try to be clear with our intentions.

Becoming a better version gets so much harder if everyone is trying to pull you down but still our feet stand upon the same ground on the same rock, that spins round the same sun.

There is conflict, it is my own - a fear of being judged or of being known.
But we disagree, judge to degrees that just makes me so scared to know anyone at all.