Second Wind

by Edgarville

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released August 15, 2016

Tracked, Mixed & Mastered by Ed Hall @ Shamrock Recording Studio

Produced by Edgarville

Artwork by Laura Frances Coyne



all rights reserved


Edgarville Blackburn, UK

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Track Name: Srsly
All those growing pains that I was facing,
Thinking it was blowing up in my face.
Just how wrong a child can be,
The answers weren't in them, but not in me.
Never in that sense of jealousy.

Trying to escape our own thoughts and minds was so much a part of the time.
Looking out on all those minds was overwhelming all of the time.
Uncertainty was on my mind, wondering just what this time.
The time came to be my mind, it's nice to be free of them.

This one's for every time that I took this seriously,
Face value says not much but what's the point of feeling defeated - when there's enough waiting to drag you down without doing it yourself.
In fact, why make it easier for them if you've other things to contend.
Track Name: Titled
Seems like everyone's got 2 cents these days with cutting tongues and bitterness... it's getting tiring being an easy target for your issues.
If you can't be happy for someone else then take a long hard look at yourself - this phase and place feels to regressive.

2 steps back for every 2 steps back, this couldn't get more text book but what if I said I'd stopped giving a fuck - so childish I know but part of me thinks we're still juvenile, still living out those early days out of sync with all that is.

So just smile for a friend or anyone at all, you're not impoverished by their success you know.
Well not to say that greed ain't a sin just to say don't shift responsibility away from yourself.

Other hands are dirtier on the parts that you can't see.
Track Name: Iron
My tongue is hanging off from biting down so often but the taste of iron reminds me that the last time wasn't forgotten - you might think I'm so polite but fuck you I'm finding it hard not to hate you cause who wants to hate anyone? Not me.

Stop bearing down on me, I'm not interested and I don't think you'd know how to be, you don't realise I'm just being nice, not willing to be the guy to measure or match.
Not that I'm judging, I totally understand the need to fill up roles, the insecurity of being weak - I get it we get it.

Keeping up with this language I don't speak.